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  • Take a simple way to understand the injection molding process.

    Take a simple way to understand the injection molding process.

    What is Injection Molding: The injection molding process is a process of making semi-finished parts of a certain shape from molten raw materials through operations such as pressurization, injection, cooling, mold opening, and mold release. Its raw materials are ABS\PE polyethylene, PP polypropyl...
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  • How to do if there are shrinkage marks on the surface of injection molded products

    1. Uneven wall thickness of the product causes uneven surface shrinkage, resulting in shrinkage marks. 2. Causes and solutions 1. Improper control of molding conditions. Appropriately increase the injection pressure and injection speed, increase the compression density of the solution, extend th...
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  • Performance difference between PETG and PMMA

    PETG and PMMA are both highly transparent materials, and relatively, the market is more familiar with PMMA. However, PETG’s real entry into the market began with transparent plastic packaging for high-end cosmetics. Before PETG was launched, PMMA was almost all used for transparent plastic...
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  • Mold material selection

    Mold material selection is a very important link in the whole mold making process. Mold material selection needs to meet three principles, namely: the mold meets the requirements of working conditions such as wear resistance, strength and toughness; the mold meets the process performance require...
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  • Difference between 3D printing and CNC

    There are three differences between CNC machining and 3D printing: Handboard processing mainly includes CNC machining, 3D printing, copying, rapid tooling, etc. Today, Noble will tell you the difference between CNC machining and 3D printing. First of all, you should know that 3D printing is a ki...
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  • Plastic shrinkage is the problem of plastic shrinkage

    1. There are four kinds of plastic shrinkage: thermal shrinkage, phase change shrinkage, orientation shrinkage, compression shrinkage and elastic recovery. The shrinkage process consists of three parts: shrinkage before solidification of gate, cooling shrinkage and shrinkage after demoulding. 2. ...
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  • Description and application of product coating

    There are different names depending on the type of paint used, for example, the primer coat is called the primer coat, and the finish coat is called the finish coat. Generally, the coating obtained by coating is relatively thin, about 20~50 microns, and the thick paste coating can obtain a coati...
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  • Injection mould

    1、 Definition of injection mold The mold used for plastic injection molding is called injection molding mold, or injection mold for short. The injection mold can shape plastic products with complex shape, precise size or inserts at one time. “Seven parts mold, three parts process”. ...
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  • ABS material properties

    1. General performance ABS engineering plastic appearance is opaque ivory grain, its products can be colorful, and has a high gloss. The relative density of ABS is about 1.05, and the water absorption rate is low. ABS has good binding with other materials, easy to surface printing, coating and co...
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  • Properties of PC/PMMA Composites

    PC/PMMA composite film is a two-layer co-extrusion or three-layer co-extrusion material. The main substrate is PC, the two layers are PC+PMMA, and the three layers are PMMMA+PC+PMMA. It has the characteristics of high hardness and impact resistance. , folding resistance and other excellent prope...
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  • Characteristics of pa6+gf30

    PA6-GF30 is glass fiber reinforced PA6 with an addition ratio of 30%. GF is the abbreviation of glass fiber, which refers to glass fiber, which is an inorganic filler commonly used in modified plastics. PA6 has the characteristics of non-toxicity and light weight. It can be used everywhere in li...
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  • Human life is inseparable from plastic

    For thousands of years, humans can only use the gifts of nature: metal, wood, rubber, resin… However, after the birth of table tennis, people suddenly discovered that with the power of polymer chemistry, we can assemble carbon atoms at will and hydrogen atoms, creating new materials never ...
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