Performance difference between PETG and PMMA

Performance difference between PETG and PMMA


PETG and PMMA are both highly transparent materials, and relatively, the market is more familiar with PMMA. However, PETG’s real entry into the market began with transparent plastic packaging for high-end cosmetics. Before PETG was launched, PMMA was almost all used for transparent plastic packaging of high-end cosmetics. Then what are the similarities and differences between the two? The differences can be summarized as follows:

1. The solvent resistance of PMMA is not as bad as that of PETG. After contact with many materials, PMMA is easy to turn white, so many products, especially cosmetics, need inner liner to block their packaging, while PETG does not have this problem;

2. Both PMMA and PETG have excellent optical properties, high gloss surface and low turbidity. The transmittance of the two is close to that of PETG, which is close to 90%.

3. The tensile property, toughness and impact resistance of PMMA are not as good as that of PETG, especially impact resistance;

4. PETG self-adhesive, good printability, its products do not need corona treatment;

5. PETG is higher than PMMA.


In our factory, for these two materials, we prefer PMMA material, PMMA material is used more, and it is a good choice in terms of price and quality.

One of the things we like most about PMMA is its stability, and PMMA materials have light stability, which means that PMMA is less oxidized. Other optical materials, PETG or PC, they will oxidize, and when these products are left for a while, they will turn yellow, which is o xidation. Of course PMMA materials will also oxidize, but the degree of oxidation will be much slower, so PMMA materials are widely used in car lights.

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Post time: May-09-2023