The development trend of China’s mold manufacturing industry

The development trend of China’s mold manufacturing industry


(1) The market share of leading companies has increased, and the industry concentration has gradually increased

At present, the mold manufacturing industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, with a large number, but the industry concentration is low. With the continuous growth of demand for high-end downstream applications such as automotive lightweighting, consumer electronics, and rail transit, leading companies in the industry have increased R&D investment while cultivating existing customers, speeding up the automation of production lines, improving the level of new product development, and continuously enhancing multiple specifications , One-stop supporting services for the entire production line, thus occupying a new market share, while small enterprises with low technological level, weak technological development capabilities, and poor service capabilities will be gradually eliminated, and market resources will gradually be concentrated in advantageous enterprises in the industry.

(2) The domestic low-end market is relatively saturated, and the pace of localization in the mid-to-high-end market is accelerating

Compared with leading international companies, there are a large number of domestic mold manufacturing companies, but most companies mainly produce low-end products due to their limited equipment level and R&D investment. The varieties are relatively single, and it is difficult to meet the continuously escalating downstream market demand. In recent years, some leading domestic mold manufacturing companies have introduced advanced foreign production equipment and technologies, and at the same time strengthened independent technology research and development and production process innovation, improved the automation level of production lines, and improved product accuracy and stability. International manufacturers conduct all-round competition to continuously realize import substitution of mid-to-high-end products.

(3) Manufacturing is developing towards automation and intelligence, and production efficiency is greatly improved

With the in-depth application of information management technologies such as CAD/CAE/CAM integration technology and three-dimensional design technology in the machinery manufacturing industry and the development of Internet of Things technology, the mold manufacturing industry will improve the ability to integrate new technologies and software in the production and design process in the future. The ability of hardware integration promotes the development of production and manufacturing in the direction of automation and intelligence, thereby improving mold processing efficiency and manufacturing accuracy. On the basis of the current technical level and manufacturing capabilities, the mold manufacturing industry is gradually implementing integrated applications of communication technology, big data and Internet of Things technology to achieve high-efficiency, automation and intelligent upgrades, and comprehensively improve product design capabilities and production Process control capability.

(4) Responding quickly to market demand and enhancing customized R&D and design capabilities have become an important factor in competition

Mold manufacturing products are usually customized production based on the actual needs of customers. In recent years, with the expansion of downstream applications such as photovoltaics, wind power, automotive lightweighting, and consumer electronics, product updates have continued to accelerate. As an upstream field, the mold manufacturing industry should have a deep understanding of product characteristics and customer needs, participate in customer initial research and development, and shorten research and development. Cycle, speed up production and service response speed, and improve product quality stability. Facing the needs of customers and the market, the ability to carry out simultaneous R&D, design, and manufacturing has gradually become an important indicator to measure the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

Post time: Oct-28-2021