Reasons for the difficulty in popularising environmentally friendly materials

Reasons for the difficulty in popularising environmentally friendly materials

Nowadays, the use of environmentally friendly materials is promoted all over the world.
There are several types of environmentally friendly materials.
1. basically non-toxic and non-hazardous type. It refers to the natural, no or very little toxic and harmful substances, unpolluted only simple processing of decorative materials. Such as gypsum, talcum powder, sand and gravel, wood, some natural stone, etc.
2. Low toxicity, low emission type. It refers to the processing, synthesis and other technical means to control the accumulation and slow release of toxic and harmful substances, because of its mild toxicity, does not constitute a danger to human health decorative materials. Such as formaldehyde emission is low, to meet the national standard of the core board, plywood, fiberboard, etc.
3. Materials whose toxic effects cannot be determined and assessed by current science and technology and testing methods. Such as environmentally friendly latex paint, environmentally friendly paint and other chemical synthetic materials. These materials are non-toxic and harmless at present, but with the development of science and technology, there may be a possibility of re-identification in the future.
Why is the popularity of environmentally friendly materials slow?

First, the slow development of environmental protection-related technologies All raw materials produce three wastes (waste water, gas and solid waste) pollution in the process of processing and production, but the slow development of existing production technologies, environmental protection technologies, etc., cannot reduce the pollution problem in the production, processing and distribution process on a large scale.
Secondly, there is a contradiction between the economic and social benefits of enterprises and the current low level of development of environmental technology, equipment and materials, the premise of production, processing and other enterprises, the use of environmental protection materials, environmental protection equipment will increase their production costs of mold, reducing the economic benefits of production. To put it bluntly, environmental protection is to spend money, if not necessary, no business is willing to spend this money.
Third, environmentally friendly materials are expensive, the lack of purchasing power in the market I give an example, Apple mobile phone data cable using the so-called “environmentally friendly materials”, but a data cable more than 100 yuan, although the role of branding, but the expensive environmental materials is also a fact.
What needs to be done to make environmentally friendly materials popular?

Society is a complex, our food, clothing, housing and transport aspects are related to environmental protection, the more social resources to enjoy, the greater the environmental pollution generated. Under the premise of ensuring our quality of life, on a personal level, being frugal and refusing to waste should be the greatest contribution to environmental protection. The development of environmentally friendly materials depends on technology, and the popularity of environmentally friendly materials depends on policy. Environmental protection is a comprehensive concept, involving production, processing, distribution and use of the whole life cycle of various aspects, only the pursuit of the use of the process, only emphasising environmental protection materials is meaningless.


Post time: May-31-2021