Features of blow mold

Features of blow mold

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From the perspective of the production of plastic products, the extrusion blow mold is used for inflating, cooling, and shaping the parison, while giving the designer the desired shape and size. The extrusion blow mould has the following characteristics.

(1) Extrusion blow molding molds, except for special molds such as double-walled products, only have a female mold cavity and no male mold. Compared with the molds used in other plastic products, the structure is much simpler.

(2) Since the mold structure does not have a male mold, it can inflate plastic products with deep recesses and complex shapes.

(3) The mold cavity has no melt flow channel, and the mold is closed after the parison enters the mold. The parison melt relies on compressed air expansion to fill the cavity.

(4) Compared with the injection mold, the extrusion blow mold cavity bears lower pressure. Lightweight materials can be used to make the mold, and the cavity does not need to be hardened. The mold cost is relatively low.

(5) Continuous production, high production efficiency, and long products can be manufactured;

(6) Products with different sections can be produced;

(7) Combined with other equipment, it can complete the comprehensive processing of different processes. For example, the drawing machine and the calendering machine cooperate to produce the film;

(8) The extruder head and the pelletizer can cooperate to pelletize;

(9) The area is small and the production environment is clean.

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