Digital advancement of mold manufacturing

Digital advancement of mold manufacturing

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Digitalization is advancing at full speed in 2020. The “Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future” showcases the various benefits brought by Industry 4.0 and digital production, including strengthening the close contact between customers and suppliers, maximizing production efficiency and industrial profit, realizing continuous production, automated process monitoring and quality control.


The activity is aimed at the common pain points of users, such as: too many orders, it takes a lot of time to confirm the production capacity; when testing the mold, it takes a lot of time to adjust the parameters and find the previous records; after the machine is produced for a long time, the actual injection pressure begins to change. Production quality becomes unstable;

After the machine stops abnormally, it takes a long time to find the cause of the stop; it needs to be overhauled, and the original factory technicians are not too many. The three major parts provide users with a wealth of landing solutions, including: Smart Factory shows the actual operation of the digital factory. Arburg, Boshiyuan, Engel, Heihu Manufacturing, KraussMaffei, Lijin, Matsui, Mourint, Modan, WITTMANN Battenfeld, Yizumi, Zhugeyun and other big-name companies together with China Unicom Showcase the intelligent injection molding production line together; the Homo sapiens intelligent manufacturing master control room connects the equipment of different booths and the production factory located at the remote site outside the exhibition hall; the digital simulation scene and experience workshop show and intelligent mold, intelligent production, intelligent quality control, intelligent automation Regarding the simulation scenarios, it is worth mentioning that the new experience workshop will introduce the industry to the application of the Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA).


The “Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future” was held at the same time as the exhibition. It is hosted by Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. and the backbone of Industry 4.0-iPlast 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center. The European Plastic and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturers Association (EUROMAP), The German Association of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (VDMA) co-organized the heavy build, and the OPC Foundation was the co-organizer of the event.

Post time: Feb-22-2021