Characteristics of 718 die steel

Characteristics of 718 die steel

718 mold steel 718 plastic mold steel produced by Sweden ASSAB has mechanical properties, machinability, and simple processing technology, so it is widely used in mold processing and production industries. In addition, 718 die steel has been pre-hardened to a hardness of 41~47HRC after leaving the factory through a special production process, which can reduce the heat treatment links in some projects and improve economic benefits.

Henglei 718 die steel, our country’s 3Cr2NiMo is an improved steel grade from P20 (3Cr2Mo), and its quality has been greatly improved to fill the shortcomings of P20 die steel and meet the occasions where P20 die steel cannot meet the requirements. In addition to the above-mentioned Chinese standard steel grades, the steel grades currently appearing in the mold steel market in my country are P20+Ni. Sweden’s 718, 718H (ASSAB), PX5\PX4 (Japan Datong Special Steel), GS-711, GS-738, GS-312, GS-318 (Germany Thyssen), Austria’s M238 ECOPLUS (Bai Lu Company), CS718 (China Great Wall Special Steel), SWP20 (Shanghai No. 5 Steel Company), etc., so in addition to not being used for plastic mold parts with corrosion resistance requirements, it is currently a typical steel grade for widely used general-purpose plastic mold steel. It is usually referred to as “plastic mold steel”, and the newly developed new steel grades often use it as a typical comparison.

Factory state: ASSAB 718 HB: 290-310

Delivery status: The steel is delivered in an annealed state. After mutual agreement, delivery can also be done without annealing.

718 steel is a Swedish ASSAB pre-hardened mirror acid-proof plastic mold steel. The steel is pre-hardened, with uniform material, high cleanliness, polishing performance and photo-engraving performance. It also has high hardenability, good electrical processing performance and dermatoglyph processing performance. Pre-hardened steel can also be used in the die cavity without quenching, and the flange can be flame hardened to increase the hardness to 52HRC.

The steel has good machinability and wear resistance, and uniform hardness distribution. It also has good polishing performance, simple processing technology and moderate price, so the dosage is large.

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