Advantages of polylactic acid (PLA)

Advantages of polylactic acid (PLA)

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymer polymerized with lactic acid as the main raw material, which is fully sourced and can be regenerated. The production process of polylactic acid is pollution-free, and the product can be biodegraded to achieve circulation in nature, so it is an ideal green polymer material. Polylactic acid ((PLA)) is a new type of biodegradable material for plastic products, 3D printing. Starch extracted from renewable plant resources (such as corn) is made into lactic acid by fermentation and then converted into polylactic acid by polymer synthesis.0

Poly (lactic acid) has excellent biodegradability and can be completely degraded by 100% of the microorganisms in the soil within one year after being abandoned, resulting in carbon dioxide and water and no pollution to the environment. Really achieve “from nature, belong to nature”. World carbon dioxide emissions according to news reports, the global temperature will rise to 60 ℃ in 2030. Ordinary plastics are still incinerated, causing a large amount of greenhouse gases to be discharged into the air, while polylactic acid is buried in the soil for degradation. The resulting carbon dioxide goes directly into soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants, will not be discharged into the air, will not cause Greenhouse Effect.


Poly (lactic acid) is suitable for various processing methods such as blow molding and injection molding. It is easy to process and widely used. It can be used to process all kinds of food containers, packaged food, fast food lunch boxes, non-woven fabrics, industrial and civil fabrics from industrial to civil use. And then processed into agricultural fabrics, health care fabrics, rags, sanitary products, outdoor anti-ultraviolet fabrics, tent cloth, floor mattress and so on, the market prospect is very promising. It can be seen that its mechanical and physical properties are good.

The basic physical properties of polylactic acid (PLA) and petrochemical synthetic plastics are similar, that is to say, it can be widely used to make a variety of application products. Polylactic acid also has good glossiness and transparency, which is similar to the film made from polystyrene and can not be provided by other biodegradable products.

Post time: Jan-25-2021