Quality Products:Products through many processess,careful grinding

Quality Products:Products through many processess,careful grinding



We have 2 independent large factories, 13 years of mold making experience, design

and manufacture thousands of different types of molds, dozens of excellent engineers and designers,

Our engineers attach great importance to any detail of the mold.


we can satisfy you in terms of quality and quantity Demand. 

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Producing Process: Audit drawings-mold flow analysis-design validation-Custom Materials-mold processing-core processing-electrodemachining-

Runner system processing-parts processing and procurement-machining acceptance-cavity surface treatment process

-complex mode Die-The entire mold surface coating-Mounting plate-mold sample-sample test-sending samples.

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For each product, we will treat the product with the most serious attitude and give you the best service attitude.

Don’t worry about product quality at all, don’t worry, let us do it.


In terms of mold materials: Our materials generally use 718 steel and 718H steel to make molds for customers. If there are special needs,

it can be completely based on the customer’s choice. We can make any type of mold steel. We have a good supply of raw materials.

Quotient, you can rest assured on the materials.


We are located in Yuyao City, which is known as the Plastic City. The plastic products city is a well-known place in China.

In this mature city, our factory has the best technical equipment and the most suitable management plan,

the production of goods and the quality of the products. , The industry rankings are ranked in the top position.

At the same time, we are located in Ningbo, close to Shanghai, and there is no problem in the transportation of goods.


We have raw material certificate, CE certificate, SGS certificate and so on.

Having been in the business for more than ten years, we have never lost anycustomer and received a lot of praise. What

customers are most satisfied with is our quality and service.


If you have any questions, please contact us, let us become a long-term partner.


Post time: Mar-31-2021